As sellers think about selling their house in the spring – here are some tips to be working on right now. These suggestions will help your house sell quicker and for a higher dollar. A house that is well maintained gives the buyer peace of mind.

1. Deep house cleaning and purging. Your house needs to be squeaky clean and decluttered. I always tell sellers to reduce their personal items by knick-knacks by 1/3. Sometimes it takes another 1/3 for the house to look spacious. Hire a cleaning service to give your house that deep cleaning you need to do. It’s easier to keep it clean and organized than it is to get it there. Clean out closets and cupboards. No sense moving items that you don’t use. 

2. Make your home feel larger by removing clutter, and opening the blinds and washing the windows. 

3. Dated wallpaper, old lighting fixtures, wallpaper, outdated ceiling fans, can turn buyers away. Go through the house and look for these small items that can be replaced. You will be pleased with the result. 

4. When weather permits, trim bushes and make sure the yard is trimmed and in healthy condition. The front door should gleam too.

5. Get a prelisting inspection and repair any items that the inspector notes. Giving the buyer a clean inspection makes a sale go smoother.


Marsha Lambright